Guitar and bass tuition one on one

beginners to advanced welcome

Howick guitar school specializes in one on one tuition we believe the time spent with the student is far more productive than groups of 4-5.
More often than not 2 or 3 in the group haven't practiced enough , this hinders learning as the teacher brings them up to speed each week wasting precious time and causing other students to wait up to 10-12 mins before moving on. One on one allows the teacher to give full attention to the students needs.

If group lessons are not working for you try one on one and get results

Students at the end of year concert 2017 great playing by everyone good work!

Anyone can play guitar... you can too!
  • Learn great tunes and play your favourite songs
  • Play music with other like minded people
  • Learn to write and record your own songs
  • Understand the theory of how music is written
  • Unlock the creative part of your brain
  • Learn how to use technolgy to make a demo
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