Want play the guitar?

Playing the guitar is fun and can be easy if you learn the basic fundermentals from the beginning.

Howick guitar school welcomes beginners and has courses for those first time players.. start your journey with strumming chords, reading and easy songs
The first thing to do is to find a guitar that you like vist your local music shop for advice on beginner guitars.
There are 3 main types of guitar, nylon string, steel string acoustic,electric guitar choose which suits you.

Nylon string guitars mainly come in three sizes half, three quarter and full size great for kids and is a good place to start.

Steel string guitars are what most people think of when talking about acoustic guitars.
These also come in three sizes,folk,dreadnought,jumbo size .
Its best to try each to find the right size for you

Electric guitars are fun and come in all sorts of shapes students who want to play electric can learn all the same things as on any acoustic guitar.
Most beginners start with a guitar amp pakage which includes the guitar amp bag strap pics and cable

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