Guitar buying guide

If you're going to buy a guitar you will need to know what to look for when making a purchase.
There are many brands and styles, electric ,acoustic, nylon ,steel, etc... The question is, which one is right for you?

1 Decide on how much you want to spend . You can get a good start up guitar nylon or steel between $100-$300 past that the skys the limit

2 Check the size is comfortable. Half size nylon for 5-9 yr. Three quarter nylon for 9 - 14 yr. Full size for Adults.

3 Think about of what kind of music you want to play. Classical Rock Folk style Country music...etc Classical music is played on nylon string and suits finger picking although are also used for strumming. Rock music leans toward Electric guitar and amp and steel string acoustic. Folk musicians usually use Steel string Acoustic.

4 Once you have selected your guitar there are a few things to check. First check to see if the neck is straight, do this by looking down the edge of the neck using the string as a straight line, you can see if the neck is bowed. Check the action, this is the height between the string and the frets, to high can make it hard to press the strings to low can cause buzzing against the frets.

5 Play a few chords, if you are a beginner ask someone in the shop to play it so you can hear the tone quality.

6 Check the intonation , tune the open string then play the note on the 12th fret checking that the note is the same as the open string and the harmonic on the 12th fret all three notes should be the same.

When happy with your choice make the purchase and get playing.